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A kdrama that we’ve been loving recently is Bride of the Century. Kang-Joo, not aware of this curse readily agreed to an arranged marriage with Jang Yi-Kyung. Yi-Kyung eventually finds out about the curse, and wanting to protect her life, she ran away. Hundred Year Bride Genre: Romance, fantasy, melodrama, family Episodes: This drama is amazing. I first thought that it was going to be a cliche bipolar love drama. Don’t be mad at me Dx But I have to admit, I was wrong. This drama somehow worked its way towards my kokoro and it’s now one of my favourites kdramas of all time!

Asian Celebs: Gossip & Music Thread (Part V)

Alee is baaacckk eperibodeeeh! Gue pengen curhat doooong: Karena ga semua orang bisa ngerti apa yang kita rasain: But,, insecure about what???

Apr 26,  · Even when he knows that the fans are aware, he still persistently doesn’t want his weaknesses to be seen. Today, his mother was in the audience, apparently carrying 4 balloons for support, and stood up for the whole show.

Masih digosipin sih, katanya udah 4 bulan pacaran, dan belum ada konfirmasi apa-apa dari pihak SM. Secara Taeyeon yang sibuknya minta ampun aja sempet jemput si Baekhyun ke dormnya EXO dan pergi ke cafe bareng, nyetir sendiri pula. Proof Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating 1. Dispatch Proof Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating 2. Dispatch Dari kedua bukti di atas memang iya itu Taeyeon sama Baekhyun. Tapi sayapun masih sulit menerima kabar ini sih.

Btw, nggak separah fans-fans mereka yang fanatik loh yang sampe nangis-nangis cuma denger kabar begini wtf. Timeline saya udah penuh dengan berita tentang BaekYeon. Jadi kayanya fans Taeyeon patah hati berat pas tau kabar ini. Saya sih ketawa-ketawa aja, sekarang udah banyak personel SNSD yang udah ketauan punya pacar.

(TAECSICA) 2pm Taecyeon & SNSD Jessica – They’re real

Hahaha, did my title get your attention? Were you wondering the same like i do? Well, some people cant accept it, while on the other hand, many were hoping for it to be real.

How come whenever I see people posting nasty shit on online forums one of them always has a fucking T*ff*ny or Ta*y*on icon. Like wow nice glad to see their fans are bullies and snakes just like they are.

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Keluarga Kwon sedang menikmati sarapannya.. Kenapa kau bicara seperti itu pada appamu??!!! Memang appa pernah peduli padaku? Yang ada di pikiran kau hanya tubuh eommaku saja.. Yuri yang kesal pun langsung bangun dan ingin menampar wajah Yoong..

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I know they broke up a while ago and this is kind of late, but here me out on this: I never thought Baekhyun and Taeyeon were an actual couple. They’re just really good friends. Besides this, there are other reasons why BaekYeon aren’t the real deal. Their “Date” This date was obviously planned. Baekhyun and Taeyeon aren’t idiots.

I still believe that everything has its reason, and as a sone, i respect the girls decision and forever will support them individually no matter what, idk, i guess even up until the day that the name SNSD and Sone will only be a memory, a good, sweet memory.

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#Khunfany: SNSD Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany & 2PM’s Nichkhun Split

Sorry, something has gone wrong. Plus, he’s forever being shipped with chicken in my books. I love them together because theyre both one of my faves from their respective groups! Plus they really actlike good friends, so if they dont like eachother, at least they have that going on for them. I really hope all the rumours dont affect the friendship!

Feb 10,  · And SM/JYP never said “they’re still dating happily” I remember 1st time chinese media wrote broke up rumor (because of a song Khun tweeted And it was a love song lol) JYP just replied they don’t know about that chinese news and it’s their personal : Netizen Buzz.

And I love that other shipper fans are getting pressed over this. So, I would think twice before believing any rumor. But believe what you want to believe. Just remember to not bother Nichkhun or Tiffany with it. Although I ship other couples, I wouldn’t mind these 2 together tho. They both can speak english fluently.

Ahh both their english speaking is HOT. I hope you keep it up with more insights.

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I Don’t Know by Ryubee reviews Ini tentang Baekhyun dan Chanyeol yang merupakan anggota kepolisian, karena suatu tugas Baekhyun dan Chanyeol diharuskan untuk tinggal bersama. Ia juga tak percaya pada cinta. Chanyeol tak jauh berbeda, lelaki itu tak pernah suka dengan ikatan seperti pernikahan. Lalu, bagaimana jika keduanya dipertemukan oleh sebuah ‘kecelakaan’ yang manis?

The media outlet posted photos with their report that detailed a relationship that bloomed out of friendship into that of a couple. It’s said they’ve been dating since the end of last year for 4 months now.

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(TAECSICA) 2pm Taecyeon & SNSD Jessica – They’re real

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Seperti yang telah dilaporkan, Tiffany dan Nickhun telah pun bercinta sejak 4 bulan yang lalu. Mereka bermula sebagai kawan dan kini adalah pasangan kekasih.

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Tiffany and Nichkhun are DATING!

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