How to Research Your Costume Jewelry Maker Date and Value

They opened doors in August of that year and debuted with a collection of sterling silver jewelry and popular designs of the Late Victorian era, including stickpins, bracelets, earrings and bar pins. In , an office and errand boy by the name of Charles A. Whiting was hired for 9 cents an hour. Within a short ten-year span, he progressed through the ranks, serving as artisan, salesman foreman, and by was serving as the company representative for the New York office. The small purse was crafted in plated ring mesh, roughly three inches square and featured a delicate twist closure and a simple leaf motif on the frame. The brand’s iconic snake is estimated to have made its first appearance in the late s – a delicate bracelet crafted in sterling silver. With the same drive that transformed metal mesh into fashion, Charles Whiting led the brand into the Twentieth Century – handbags introduced anywhere from to continue to be highly sought after styles today by collectors and fans alike. These treasures are often discovered in consignment or antique shops and are distinguished by their intricate craftsmanship and delicate patterns. An example of this was in when Edward Davis patented new technology to improve the hinged bracelet, using two hinges on each side so a woman could open and close with ease. The bracelet featured seamless hinges and a spring, rather than a clasp which was popular at the time.

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GEORG JENSEN HALLMARKS. Curious as to how we determine the dates on many of our pieces? We are fortunate enough to have obtained a handful of old catalogs and internal documents pertaining to the hallmarksused by the Georg Jensen Silversmithy.

Throughout human history irrespective of religion race or culture jewelry has existed as an integral form of expression, wealth and. While the materials and techniques used to manufacture jewelry have in many ways evolved there are also a number of. During this time bead necklaces constructed from shells. Necklaces constructed from the same components are still available today.

While new trends such as. BC during the reign of King Zer were constructed from gold and manufactured in a style widely available today. Royal jewels have been used to secure the wealth. For as long as precious metal and. Many forms of jewelry have their roots in function, pins. Jewelry has also played an important part of religion denoting membership and status within the religion as well.

It was during this time that the. While artistic skill was valued the primary purpose.

A Guide to Antique Georgian Jewelry

Graziano of New York, for approximately 27 years, has been one of the most widely respected designers of fashion jewelry in America. His jewelry designs, including those for bridal and party use, are finely crafted in extraordinary detail with design changes seasonally. Graziano has recently applied his techniques to a marvelous grouping of photo frames up to 3 x 5 inches that are illustrated on the internet at SendAFrame.

His costume jewelry is receiving a positive response from buyers almost immediately. The company is still in business today.

Internet Shop Selling Vintage & Antique Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry Dating Research History, Vintage Retro Fashion, Vintage Used Home Decor. Qualified inspection authentic gemstones determine gold .

Some of the first indicators to be considered, are listed below. Metals Recognizing and knowing what metals were used in a given period. Findings Recognizing and understanding the various style changes, as an indicator of “Circa” Culture Recognizing various motifs, to indicate origin and probable circa. Color Gemstone and metal colors are strong indicators of probable dating periods. Market Influences Historical events of the day, that influenced the style of that period.

You are exactly right, how did you know? Recognizing, identifying and understanding these and many other critical indicators, are the keys to unlocking the probable circa of a particular item of jewelry. The jewelry is “Silently telling you its history”, if the indicators are identified, recognized and evaluated. Handmade, sand casted, foil back stones, glass stones, backs were open beneath the stones.

No “Makers Mark” or “Hallmarks”. Victorian Jewelry “Changing Times” In when Queen Victoria came to the throne, jewelry was romantic and nationalistic and its design and motifs reflected this romantic period.

Cameos 101: History of Cameo Jewelry, Value and More

Au do not have isomers. Gold’s most stable isomer is m2 Au with a half-life of 2. No other isomer or isotope of gold has three decay paths.

The Na Hoku Pearl Jewelry Collection features the finest in Tahitian, South Sea, Salt-water Akoya, and Freshwater pearls. View Na Hoku’s selection of Pearl Jewelry.

Do you recognize the style as belonging to a particular period or limited to that period? Would it have a special use or be appropriate for certain fashions of the day? Are the stones a color that was really popular or significant in that era? The “sapphire” dress clip shown above was made between and During WWII many pieces of jewelry were red white and blue, pieces were made in the shape of airplanes, “V’s” for Victory or even sailors in uniform!

The wings and the P38 airplane earrings are “sweetheart” jewelry, and would have been worn by the wife or sweetheart of the pilot. The stones are plastic – rhinestones were in short supply during the War. Metal What is the type of metal used and is it plated?

A Brief History of Gold

Experienced vintage jewelers can identify vintage jewelry by their look, feel, and craftsmanship. Unmarked modern costume jewelry is typically a sign of a low-value. For finding more information about the name on your piece, check out the following website: If you have a mound of costume jewelry with makers you have never heard of, then we would recommend researching each one individually.

When the jewelry was assembled, the filigree with signature would be selected based on the design of the piece. Hooks can have a flower, dove, turtle decoration or, in the mid s, were plain. Haskell–Signatures, Findings, Beads as the result of which a thin layer of gold, silver or rhodium-colored layer formed on the immersed.

Posted by Melinda Lewis On 5 April, In Designers, Manufacturers and Styles Sherman jewelry, beloved by women for its extraordinary sparkle and quality when it was new, still attracts collectors for the same reasons more than 60 years after its manufacture. In , as a native of Montreal, Gustave Sherman founded his namesake company. However, before settling into the jewelry business, he tried his hand at a number of careers. He also earned a living in rural Quebec buying and selling gold at a small profit to smelters.

Through this profession he learned first-hand how women responded to and loved their jewelry — and an idea for a business was born. Eventually the company stopped producing rhinestone jewelry altogether in favor of sterling silver and gold designs. Gus Sherman closed the doors of his company in , and passed away shortly thereafter in Sherman used only the finest materials — Swarovski stones, superior findings and formidable plating methods.

The stones were still vibrant and sparkling decades after the pieces were made, and settings shone as though they had just come out of the box for the first time. Since the publication of our book, Sherman Jewellery: We were also keen to see if we could shed light on the issue of signed versus unsigned pieces, which continues to elicit debate in the collecting community.

Vintage Jewelry Workshop – Part I

Unique and playful, these are about the thought behind the gift just as much as they are a personal way to spice up her accessory game. Subtle enough to match any outfit, but still poignant enough to remind her how special she is. Handset citrine stones on a karat gold-filled This pair will really hit a home run with brown eyed girls — the emerald hues will make her eyes pop.

From Jewish jewelry such as the Star of David Jewelry, Chai, Hamsa Jewelry, or verses and blessings, to contemporary silver and fashion jewelry, including Roman Glass, you are guaranteed to find the right piece of jewelry for you or someone you love right here!

Lot 19 , Diamond andamp; demantoid garnet pendant-brooch; Center: Lot 32 , Antique diamond, demantoid andamp; silver-topped gold brooch, c. Lot 48 , Edwardian diamond andamp; platinum necklace, c. From contemporary pieces to antiques, jewelry hallmarks are typically found on gold and silver jewelry.

A Brief History of Jewelry Marks To be considered an antique, a piece of jewelry must be years or older, while a vintage piece must be 20 years or older. Retro jewelry refers to pieces made during the s and s and are characterized by the use of large and colorful gemstones. Lot , 3-row coral necklace, silver , c. Jewelry marks in France stretch back even earlier, with examples first seen in the 13th century.

Paloma Picasso earrings, 18k yellow gold, Alex Cooper November 4 With antique and vintage pieces, French brand Cartier had to adhere to several guidelines set forth by the French government. Present-day Cartier jewelry is always engraved with the Cartier logo, along with a serial number specific to that piece only. Many of these symbols and letters found on jewelry originate from assay offices. One of the compulsory marks is the Assay Office Mark, a symbol which indicates the regional office that hallmarked the item:

Bronze Age Gold Jewellery

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