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There is a slim but definite distinction between housemate and friend. Some interests are compatible; if you all enjoy cooking, then expect a year of happily putting on weight together. But if everyone adores long soaks in the bath, then the huge water bills and queues for the one bathroom are sure to quickly turn things fractious. Make the distinction between harmonious habits early on. And, just in case you were wondering, sharing a fondness for vodka shots is probably inadequate grounds for living together. How does everyone feel about money?

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FYI, that was a couple of weeks ago. And somewhere in between arguing that she should get rid of the bag, and the mice, and the month-old tin of refried beans, and weakly trying to defend my right to live with humans, I began to ponder the age-old extremely new problem of shacking up with housemates right into your late twenties, thirties and beyond. Who was the reasonable one here?

Here are 12 signs you and your roommate are basically dating. 1. You talk constantly. She knows you hate your professor and that girl on the bus is beyond annoying, but she’ll let you say it as many times as you need to get it out of your system.

Secondly, years of eating lots of junk food was beginning to take its toll on her health. By the time I graduated, I felt groggy. A month later, my energy levels were through the roof. My hair, skin, nails, everything was improving. That was two and a half years ago. While in many ways, Niomi took up what we might think of as a vegan diet, she hesitates before using the word.

So even if people incorporate the diet a few times a week, that would be perfect.

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Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could advise me how to deal with this situation. Basically, I am in first year of university, living in halls in a flat with 5 other girls. I get on with them alright, but they arn’t the kind of girls i’d immediatly trust, or choose to be best friends with, but they can be great fun and a total laugh at times. I never really go out with them much, as I do a lot of sport in an evening, or go to the gym, and when I do go out which admittedly I do a lot I always seem to go with people from my sports teams or people i’ve met on my course.

I don’t mean to exclude them, but with a small budget I can’t go out all the time and just would rather go with people i’m close too!

St Andrews University student Prince William is leaving the hall of residence where he’s spent the last year in order to move into a luxury flat with three friends – and one of his new roomies is.

Here As I mentioned yesterday, my flatmate Z moved out. Close to beach, public transport and shops. Looking for a female to share with one mature male. She was the one who introduced herself with her religion. I was naive back then. My flatmate M was quite all right in many ways but there was one hobby she had — she was an opera singer at a local community group.

Which is great for her. But it also meant she had to practise. It was just amusing though! This time around when I was looking, I had one guy contact me saying he loved cats. His profile was pretty much about how much he loved cats. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and had him come to view the place when Z was around.


Mogging Flolly , Sat 22 Nov , There was a guy called Mo – couldn’t be arsed to wash socks, so kept buyig new pairs – ended up with about 3 months supply I think Pan Dimensional Mouse Currently existing in 13 dimensions as of, Mon 17 Nov , That new sock feeling every day. Devon Dan without geometry, there would be no point, Tue 18 Nov , I think that’s the single advantage of going to Uni in Stoke-on-trent

Question – (27 November ): 6 Answers – (Newest, 28 November ): A female age , anonymous writes: Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could advise me how to deal with this situation. Basically, I am in first year of university, living in halls in a flat with 5 other girls.

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I am not allowed to go out of the house for even morning or evening walk. I feel humiliated and insulted; no body visits us. You can always ask.

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Twitter Hey everyone, sorry for the long text, but its very important to me, so all views will be much appreciated! I have started to recently like this girl that I have lived with for 3 years during my time at university in Wales, in my last year of university. However, due to our close friendship, and the fact we r both quite shy, its hard to read the signs.

Anyway, recently this year she has been making more clear signals, at least that is what I interpret.

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However, the last two weeks have seen Christine ‘broken up’ at not travelling to London to watch Lloyd’s winning performances in person – the year-old having been laid low by a chest infection. X Factor’s Lloyd Macey and Nanny Chris However, the year-old Rhondda hopeful’s dad has dubbed the plucky pensioner a ‘secret weapon’ should his son make it through to the grand finals at the start of December.

When I was at uni, we did the same thing, i.e. let someone stay, ostensibly for a few days, turned into approx a month. He was a good cook, brought one of his mates round, and left about a week before we went home for xmas.

Instagram Spring Friday, May 16, It’s been a while, again. This semester is actually much more demanding than the previous one – which is good! I’ve been reading a lot and really enjoying some of my classes. Before I started my master’s I had a vague idea about what I wanted to do in the future. But now I feel even more lost, because every week I’m discovering new amazing stuff that can be done in linguistics, and eventually I would have to choose what to do for my thesis, not to mention PhD if I eventually decide I want to pursue one.

That’s a really tough decision to make and I keep delaying it, even though it’s high time I did it Not to mention the fact that there are some really inspiring people teaching us here at the University of Potsdam, and they make even the disciplines I was never much into look waaaay more interesting that I ever thought they could be! Anyway, the beginning of the semester was a bit more relaxed, so I had the chance to travel a lot.

It was hectic, but very exciting and so much fun! Looking at these Instagram photos makes me want to go back to all the marvellous places I had the chance to visit. I’m one lucky girl, I must admit. As you can tell, the photos above are from Paris. Even though it’s not my favorite city in the world – sorry, Paris, sorry everybody who claims I’m nuts—it is really picture pretty.

And what’s more important, I had a great time there – you could read about that here.


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